The First Time, On Time, Everytime

Total Quality Management

Safety, Quality & Control

The Quality and Customer Service You Deserve

Improving Constantly and Forever

Our Core Values

Ethics & Integrity

Achieved by adhering to VTI’s promise to
practice sound judgment

1. Commit to never
allow feelings alone
be the driving factor
in decision-making

2. Assess any personal
motives behind the
decision(s) that must
be made

3. Carefully weigh all
sides of the issue
before making a decision

4. Execute decisions
with diligence and fairness

Safety First

VTI is commited to building
a strong safety culture
through continuous evaluation
of these 5 components:

1. Visible management
commitment to safety

2. Workforce participation
in safety and health

3. Trust between
employees and management

4. Effective communication

5. Highly skilled and
well trained employees

Quality & Customer Service

Achieved through
focus on the primary
elements of TQM:

1. Customer Focus:
At VTI we understand
the customer will ultimately
determine the level of quality
for our output

2. Total Employee Involvement:
Everyone at VTI works
together toward common goals

3. Process – Centered:
We focus on process
thinking: The steps required
to carry out a process are
defined and performance
measures are continuously monitored

Education & Training

VTI strives to provide its
customers with an elite force
of Professional Craftsman
and provides our workforce
with many educational opportunities:

1. Apprenticeship Program
(Registered both
Federally and at
the State Level)

2. VTI’s Training Website

3. New Employee
Orientation Program

(Safety Training
and Evaluation Program)

(Strategic Partnership)

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