Focus On Safety

Did you know that falls are the #1 killer of construction workers? At VTI, we are very aware of the risks involved in the work we do. That’s why we put a huge emphasis on the safety of our employees. VTI is a member of the ABC Eastern Pennsylvania OSHA Strategic Partnership. Currently, this is 1 of 8 existing construction focus partnerships in OSHA’s Region III. VTI, along with other Merit Shop subcontractors and general contractors, meet monthly with OSHA Compliance Officers from the Philadelphia, Bethlehem, and Wilkes-Barre offices. Annually, we provide Mentor Events that are open to all construction professionals in our area.

Our extensive safety and training program includes a State Certified Safety Committee comprised of both management and employee representatives. These individuals receive annual training on Hazard Detection and Inspection as well as Accident Illness Prevention and Investigation. For every project, and even estimate, we take the time to plan out how it will be done safely.